Local issues

 1 October 2020

Looks like a pedestrian and bike lane area on the Eastern side of Boomerang Drive at South Boomerang Beach has been rejected by Midcoast Council officers. Response exert follows.

To clarify, the proposed pathway is not proposed to be an exclusive cycleway. It also does not meet the design criteria for a ‘shared path’. Therefore, the proposed on road path can only be marked as being for pedestrians. 
The highest priority identified through the engagement process for the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) / Bike Plan in the Pacific Palms area is the extension of the existing network. This includes projects to extend the existing pathway network which is located on the western side of Boomerang Beach (e.g. extend north of the School through Elizabeth Beach and to The Lakes Way). 
A draft version of the PAMP/ Bike Plan will shortly be presented to Council before being placed on public exhibition during November 2020. I expect that the final plan, incorporating any changes resulting from the public exhibition/submission to be adopted by the end of this year. 

15 May 2019;

After negotiations with Mid Coast Council officer Robert Scott, the advice was that Council would have difficulties with supporting a pathway on the Eastern side of Boomerang Drive from Headland Road to the entry at South Boomerang Beach. As such, the grant application mentioned below will be allowed to laps.

An alternate plan was tabled to re-mark the traffic lanes on Boomerang Drive to move traffic to the western side of Boomerang Drive and include a new bike lane of aprox 1.5 to 2 mtrs wide on the eastern side of Boomerang Drive at this location. Also a safer pedestrian crossing area to the beach entry across Boomerang Drive near the corner to Redgum Road.

This proposal has merit and if implemented will make crossing Boomerang Drive in this location, easier with the option of using the bike lane as a part pedestrian area to the South Boomerang Beach entry.

The proposal does not address a safe area in the area for residents to maintain the steep hillside of the council owned grass verge along the properties of 168, 160 and 158 Boomerang Drive.


 23 April 2019;  

A submission to the NSW Government 'My Community Grants Program' has been lodged for a proposed pathway to Boomerang Beach at the eastern side of Boomerang Drive from Headland Road to the beach entry at South Boomerang Beach.

We would like to engage Midcoast Council's support for our submission and proposal. 

Details have been set to;

Mayor David West, Deputy Mayor Katheryn Smith and Councillors Kathryn Bell, Brad Christensen, Peter Epov, Troy Fowler, Karen Hutchinson, Dr David Keegan, Jan McWilliams, Claire Pontin, Len Roberts  

The Proposal;

An access pathway on the eastern side of this part of Boomerang Drive at South Boomerang Beach would ensure all community members including local residents, holiday home owners and the holidaying public can enjoy a safe easy access to the beach that is not available at the moment from this area.

 We all enjoy the Beach and everyone should be able to walk safely to the local beach. The only access to Boomerang Beach from the eastern part of Boomerang Drive is by crossing busy Boomerang Drive with bends and blind spots making the street crossing difficult and dangerous to people including children and families and less mobile members of the community as well as holidaying public visiting the area.

 Tourism is a vital part or the economy on the Mid North Coast and Boomerang Beach at Pacific Palms is no exception.

Public pedestrian safety is always a top priority in any Local Government area.

This project will provide a new walking path from Headland Road to the beach and a low soil retaining wall along the hillside. The pathway will help create a safe walkway to the beach and eliminate the need to cross this busy road to access the beach.

 Scott Nicholson - Manager Transport Assets was contacted and inspected the area in 2016 and has been contacted since to have this project considered by Great Lakes Council and have this project initiative underway.

The NSW Government has now the "My Community Grants Program"  for funding of community programs of between $20,000. and $200,000. and in their literature they have included pathways as eligible for grants.

Scott Nicholson sent the grant details to Katrina Carlon - Grants Co-ordinator.

We are asking for Midcoast Council to agreed to support and manage the creation of the new pathway and retaining wall from Headland Road to the southern entrance to Boomerang Beach.

 If the project is successful, the pathway could be constructed before the summer season of tourists and holidaying property owners.

 Benefits: • Resolve this Pedestrian safety issue • Safer and easier beach access • Improved tourism opportunities • Children and Family friendly and safety • Safer access to the beach • Improved lifestyle for local residents and holiday home owners.

Any support to the pathway proposal on the eastern side of Boomerang Drive and support to the funding proposal would be appreciated.